Welcome to Copywrite1985, the writing site for the Creative Genius also known as Erica D. Hearns. I discuss all things writing and reading here. I post regularly on Wednesdays (Writing Wednesdays) and Fridays (Feature Fridays, featuring guest posts/interviews/giveaways from writer friends). I post about writing related topics in general and my own journey toward publication. I also post reviews (mainly romance, self-help, chick lit, and Christian non-fiction) for books received through Netgalley, Prism Tours, Entangled Publishing, copies given to me by authors, and books that I buy and find I really enjoy.

About Me:

I’ve been a writer since I was five years old when I wrote a story about a princess named Jasmine (which was NOT an early attempt at fanfiction of the Disney classic Aladdin). Throughout my school years, I won several awards for writing, oratory, theater, and all around MENSA level genius-ry that no one but my mom cares about, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English with a Literature concentration. That basically means I can use literary terms like deconstruction non-ironically. Go me! By day, I’m a mild mannered executive assistant in the legal department of an insurance company; by night, I write romance and Christian non-fiction with an eye towards turning it into my full-time, money making gig. I started blogging back in the days of My Dear Diary and Open Diary in early 2003. I self-published a Christian non-fiction book, Altered before the Altar, in September of 2014 to positive response and am currently working on my next one. I’m also working on my stage 3 full manuscript for Harlequin Love Inspired’s Blurb to Book Competition.

Feel free to poke around and leave a comment or fifty.    

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