Cheating in the Next Room…


I'm hoping my WIPs don't listen to this guy (Johnny Taylor) Image via Wikipedia

…is a blues song by Johnny Taylor. “Cheating in the Next Room” is about a woman talking on the phone to a man she is cheating with, making plans to meet up with him. Johnny is letting her know that he knows she has been faking lovemaking with him and has been meeting this other man. He tells her “that’s alright; I’ll soon be gone.” He is fed up and won’t take it anymore.

My writing can say the same thing about me. I’ve been “cheating” on some projects with other projects. I am supposed to be working on the short story project that I had the breakthrough on. Before I had that breakthrough, I was working on my memoir about college. Now I put the college memoir on the back burner, because I think the program I’m preparing for the high school students at church on Saturday would be the perfect place to begin the memoir (as it involves my college journey). Since the event hasn’t happened, I don’t have the opening. That’s understandable. I’m at a natural stopping point.

However, after talking to a real-life and blogging friend, I began to get really excited about another project that’s been on the backburner: possibly turning the marriage kits into a book. The thing is, making the marriage kits into a book will involve more than just compiling the interviews (and conducting more): I’ve noticed the book on weddings I’m reading has things to say about marriage. I have several other books, podcasts, and TV shows that speak to marriage that I frequently mine for information. I want to expand my interview pool. I want to research. I want to put away the short story project and work on this one, even though I know I’m supposed to return to the memoir after Saturday. I also know I will be doing more researching than writing working on the marriage kit project.

Does anyone else suffer from the lure of research over actual writing? I get so excited about some of the research I put into projects that I never get around to writing it until much later. How do you balance research with writing?

The greater question is how do you decide which project gets your time when your time is limited? I work full time, have an occasional second job, a boyfriend, a church I’m active in, my Dad’s book to format for Smashwords publication, and I want to have a little me time, so my writing time isn’t as extensive as I would like. When you don’t have time to do it all, what do you do? How do you keep a project on the backburner from burning up? This is my dilemma of the past few weeks. I’ve just went with it and done writing wherever my fancy has taken me, but I’ve not made much progress on ANYTHING. Help!


4 thoughts on “Cheating in the Next Room…

  1. What do I do when I don’t have time to do it all? I cry. But then, that really doesn’t get me anywhere, now does it? You’re facing something that everyone faces at some point. That doesn’t bring you much solace either, does it? Didn’t think so. Geesh, I’m not too good at this, am I?

    I wish I had a precise and awesome answer for you, but I don’t. Ideas rush at me like the bulls at Pamplona and sometimes I’m fighting to get them all down. I’m juggling kids, housework, community theatre, community choir, church choir, oh yeah, and I write.

    Organization and prioritizing only gets you so far because if the muse is with you on a particular idea then its hard to turn her away. (Not to mention stupid)

    There are only so many hours in a day and remember that you’re only human. Work on what you can when you can. Remember why you write, why you create, its for you. When you start forgetting it, or losing the feelings it gives you because you’re stressed you may need to take a step back and a couple of deep breaths. Eventually things will fall into place.

    Best of luck!

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  3. I have some of the same issues. I find myself becoming so into researching something that I will stay on Google for hours and ask my friends endless questions of their dating lives to the point that I’ve used up all of my spare time. Here’s the only thing that helps me stay on track with the random thoughts that I have at random times when I may not be able to write them all down in full:

    1.) I love the convenience of my cell phone’s voice recorder. I talk a lot faster than I write so if I have a brilliant idea at work, I run to the bathroom to leave myself a voice note. This way my boss doesn’t think I’m sending text messages or see me playing on the internet.
    2.) I keep a notebook with me. I jot down ideas or thoughts. Sometimes they come in my sleep and I only remember dreams for so long… Sometimes they come while I’m out with friends (considering I’m a dating blogger) so I need to be able to jot things down
    3.)Like the comment above, it’s really all about time management. You have to set a time goal for how much you can dedicate to each thing. I’m attending college online and they tell us to be good time managers. I know I have to be to work at set hours, that’s not going to change, but I do have an hour lunch. It takes me 15 minutes to each which leaves me 45 minutes that I could have done a blog post or an outline for a post or an article. I know that I like to party on Saturday nights so all day on Saturday I have time chosen for all of my daytime activities (e.g. dates, exercise, friends, family, blogging)

    I’m sure you will be able to work it out. I’m very interested to see what becomes of your wedding kit, our generation sure could use some good resources encouraging the tradition and giving examples of how marriages can work out.

    • Thanks for coming by and commenting! I love the suggestions.

      People are starting to run from me and my notebook/recorder. They are so tired of me asking an endless amount of questions. I can’t help it; when I latch on to something interesting, I have to know EVERYTHING.

      1) I LOVE this little digital recorder that I bought for my interviews. I use it all the time to record random thoughts when I can’t get to pen and paper.

      2) I have a fat lil notebook in my purse, and I always have a notebook in my bag. I need one by my bed…when I get one (but that’s another tale).

      3) I’ve always sucked at certain aspects of time management. I always get things done on time and done well, but not because I’ve paced myself! I’m still learning to spread things out and not try and tackle it all at once (at the last minute).

      If you want to hear more about the marriage kits, you can find it on my other blog, under the marriage kits tab or under the marriage/marriage kits Categories.

      Again thanks for reading and commenting! 🙂

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