Disorganization Station

I’ve hit a rough patch with the marriage kit interviews (and by rough patch, I mean that I keep getting dodged and ducked by my pool of participants :-(), so naturally I’ve switched gears to another project. Here’s the problem; I can’t find it.

One day, long, long ago, I mentioned that I came up with a very detailed vision of one of the Candy Apples characters and was ready to start her short story for the addiction short stories. I wrote a bit about that, from the perspective of her barbie doll. It was great for a first draft. It started like a tight shot, a close up of a battered and bruised Barbie, then expanded to pull in the character, her home, her mother, and all sorts of interesting things that didn’t belong in the opening paragraphs but were good insights for later in the story. I was pretty pleased with the direction, but I got distracted by a shining bauble (aka, the Education Workshop), and after chasing that a bit, I attempted to resume my marriage kit things. Now, I’m ready to get back to it. The ideas still seem fresh and exciting. The thing is, though, I don’t know where I put the Page of Awesomeness that I wrote.

This always happens to me This never happens to me. I’m so disorganized organized. I never always know exactly where everything is. It’s typical so out of character for me not to be able to find the scrap of paper page that I’ve fleshed out some paragraphs on. Of course, I can absolutely put my hands on my journal, in which I outline the general ideas and crow over my major epiphanies; I just can’t find the wonderful Barbie-centric opening paragraphs.

I’m almost certain they are in my living room amongst some other scraps of stories papers that I have. It would be easier if I had a specific place to write and keep my story ideas. I really need a computer desk/mini office space.

Are you an organized writer? Disorganized? Where do you keep your little creative asides until you can work on them? Any idea where I might find that story?


4 thoughts on “Disorganization Station

  1. I find that I come up with most of my ideas while driving in my car. I have no idea why. But therefore, my car is strewn with little bits of scribble-on paper (receipts, my kids’ defaced artwork, paper bags, etc.) And I write on my hand, too. Although I doubt if either of these (embarassing) confessions will help you, they do, oddly, work for me. 🙂

    • See, this is my very problem. I write on whatever comes to hand (even though I stash notebooks everywhere), and then I can’t find it when I need it. How do you keep up with all of those bits?

      Thanks for reading and sharing your methods. I’m glad you have a system that works for you.:-)

  2. I have a large notebook that I keep in my laptop bag and take to places I know I’ll have free time. Then, I have a small pocket size notebook in purse to jot down quick notes. I wish I could say I was all over getting them typed on the computer…but I’m not. Good luck finding those pages!

    • Thanks, Janna. I still haven’t found them yet, but I didn’t look too hard yesterday…I was reading. 😉

      It doesn’t help that I cleaned Friday for a friend’s visit (and by clean, I mean stuffed everything into a bin or closet). I’m sure it’s in there…somewhere.

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