I’m Just a Bachelor(ette), Looking for a Partner…

I was just reading a blog post that wanted to trackback to my blog when a thought hit me like a bolt from the blue: I don’t have a writing partner.

OK, so it didn’t hit me like a bolt from the blue. I’ve been aware of my lack of a writing buddy for a very long time now. I’ve made some progress on this deficiency. Through blogging (both here and on my other blogs), I’ve met many wonderful writers and friends. The thing is, though, I don’t have anyone to critique my writing, to give me some outside perspective on it.

I’ve asked for your thoughts here (on the little snippets on my Untitled page), and I even joined a NaNoWriYear challenge with Cordelia over on Cordelia Calls It Quits, but I’m no closer to finding my writing soulmate. I haven’t found the fellow writer who I can trust not to steal my work, to tell me honestly what they think of my writing, to support me when I think I’m going crazy and to encourage me when I feel like being published is never going to happen. I haven’t found anyone who likes the genres that I write in and is willing to share as well as critique.  I haven’t found my writing accountability partner.

For now, the best writing buddy I have is this blog. Having to write down my progress is really helping me to keep working on my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, even if I don’t meet the daily word count goals (which reminds me, I actually have to type up what I have so I can get my count validated). In case you were wondering, I am still chugging along on the challenge, still working hard to finally get this story down. Other stories keep trying to intrude, but I’m remaining focused. When I realize I needed to say something earlier for continuity, or find a spot on want to expand on later, I write it down in the margins near where it would go and I keep going. I’m not allowing myself to be deterred. I don’t know if I’ll have 50,000 words at the end of the month, but I’ll have far more than the dismal 10,000 I managed in November.

Anyway, if you want to get to know me better as a potential writing buddy, have some advice about finding a good writing buddy, or you just want to commiserate with me on our lack of writing buddies, feel free to comment or email me at 2blu2btru4u@gmail.com.


3 thoughts on “I’m Just a Bachelor(ette), Looking for a Partner…

  1. I’ve never had a writing buddy. I just write. I won my last two NaNos by preplanning and then sticking with it. I intend to do the same this year. I wouldn’t try to discourage anyone who has a writing buddy, or could really use one, but is this something you really need? Or have you just been convinced that you do?

  2. I don’t currently have a writing buddy myself, just plenty of editors 😉 but I have found that I am far more motivated and on track when I either have a writing buddy or am part of a small writing community. At least for my blog writing. My “serious” projects I can keep on track just fine but all other writing ends up hopelessly entangled in my dark web of adhd and perfectionism :/ Plus it is fun to have a confidant to share in your literary ramblings. Good luck to you in your search!

  3. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a writing buddy to get writer point of view on a story. I do have a couple friends who read many of my stories, so I get the reader’s point of view.

    I’m glad you’re making progress on your NaNoWriMo project 🙂

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