Eat Pray Love–and Other Things I Meant to Finish

I was reading Eat Pray Love for a while after I bought it for my birthday from the Goodwill for $0.59. I must admit I thought the writing was great, but I’ve since gotten bogged down in India and had to drag myself through some of Indonesia. I am now in the “how many chapters are left in this section?!” stage of reading. I’ve somehow lost the enjoyment for this particular story.

I will give you an actual review of Eat Pray Love at another time, but I wanted to talk about getting bogged down and whether or not I should try and stay with the project I’m bogged down with or switch to a different project and come back to it later.

Of course, that’s not the problem this writing go round. I am forever pouring out observances, actual parts of a chapter, reminding myself of things to research, etc. on this project. I don’t know how much I will have to use, but I do know that I am, dare I say it, PROLIFIC on this project, for me at least.

At this moment, I’m working on the memoir, Some College. I have no idea about the tone, whether or not I’m going to be taking the tact of trying to teach lessons and make it a book for those entering college, or just tell the story as a sometimes insightful (but subtly so) memoir that simply retells life events. I guess it’s the difference between a bullet pointed study guide and reading Autobiography of a Face and making a study guide yourself. I guess that depends on purpose and audience. At this point, I just have a story that’s beginning to be told, a sometime cautionary tale that I just have to write down.

Should I be worrying about the details of story telling yet? Should I be writing to a specific structure, as Elizabeth Gilbert did in Eat Pray Love, or do I just write a crappy first not-quite-draft and figure out the rest later?

In the meantime, I am back to writing on paper, mostly in meetings and at lunch (don’t worry, I’ve permission to not pay strict attention in meetings, LOL). I don’t know what it is about paper that makes the words flow for some projects, but I’ll take productivity where I can find it.


One thought on “Eat Pray Love–and Other Things I Meant to Finish

  1. I’ve not read the book, nor have I seen the movie. My reading tastes vary, so some books I have sit on the shelf until I get in the mood to read that type of book again.

    As for writing – of course you have to write what moves you, but you can end up chasing your tail if you do too many project shuffles (you end up with lots of unfinished projects, rather than one or two polished ones.) Glad you are getting writing time, even if it is in meetings 🙂

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