The Dawning of a New Era

I’ve been working diligently on getting serious about my writing and pursuing publication for a few months now, and I figured it was time to take the next few steps toward building up a better web presence for myself. I’ve had this blog for a very long time, and I’ve wanted to buy the domain and begin to use this as an author site for a while, but I wasn’t sure how to go about changing it into what I wanted. Finally I decided it was time to just start making moves and keep my fingers crossed that my loyal readers will continue following me on this journey.

The first thing I did was sign up for a couple of blog tours and to review a few books. This is something I wanted to bring to Copywrite1985 for a long time. I contribute reviews to Harlequin Junkie, but I like having my own little corner where you can get my point of view on titles from diverse genres and authors. One thing in particular I wanted to do was be able to review clean romances and Christian/inspirational romances, and I’m working to get more of those for the site as well. I will also review other genres, as I get titles through NetGalley.

The second thing that I’ve done is bought my domain and changed up the theme. I am still playing around with the theme, but I like the changes I’ve made so far. I will put up links to my Goodreads page and Harlequin Junkie reviews, and I’m creating a page where you’ll be able to get information about the projects that I’m working on. I’m hoping that you will get to follow me on all the ups and downs on my journey to publication. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to bring you guys a site that better suits the writer and writing you know and love (with more pictures!).

Feel free to look around, click on things, and let me know how you like the changes to the site. Any other changes/content you’re interested in seeing? I hope you all like what I’ve done, and thank you for your support all these years. 😀




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