Have I Got a Story for You!

Note: I was supposed to publish this when I wrote it, April 1st. Please don’t ask what rabbit hole I fell into for the last month. I’m clawing my way out now. I’ll post a *new* post right after this one to make up for your lack of ME in your inbox lately.

Who else is wondering where the first quarter of this year has gone? I can’t believe today is the first day of the fourth month of 2014 already and that I’m writing my fourth monthly goals post.

March was a really hard month for this writer, filled with ups and downs. I received my first rejection on a full length manuscript on Delivering Justice, but received another request for it through #pitmad (pitch madness). Apparently, I have no trouble whatsoever pitching Delivering Justice (this is the third request for it and my second full submission). Let’s hope this time it sells. I hit a wall with Mr. Last Name Basis since DJ’s rejection, but I’m still in love with the elements of the story I have so far. Hitting a wall on MLNB didn’t stop me from getting a good start on Mr. Why So Serious, the third in the Delivering Justice series, Luka’s story. I also got a great start on Love Thy Enemy, a Christian romance focusing on forgiveness and guilt that really resonates with me. I didn’t finish a craft book, but I started wading my way through two and have another to start. I hit most of my goals for the month, but unlike previous months, I didn’t meet them all.

So what’s on my agenda for April?

  • Get (more) feedback on Delivering Justice. I’m hoping for a sell or an R&R but if it’s another rejection, I want to have a definite plan with it moving forward.
  • Finish judging my contest entries for Touch of Magic, the contest my local RWA chapter, Central Florida Romance Writers’, puts on.
  • Finish rough draft of Love Thy Enemy. If I don’t get a sale to Harlequin pre-SYTYCW 2014, this will be my entry into the contest. I’m hoping to at least make the top 50 this year if I’m eligible. Finishing this story this month and putting it aside until about June will give me plenty of time to craft it like I want it by the contest.
  • Continue Mr. Last Name Basis. I think I was on to something with that one. It’s time to press past the dejection of DJ’s rejection and get back to those beloved characters.
  • Create a page for my WIPs for the site. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as well as get some widgets that show my progress on WIPs for a while. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

I think that’s more than enough goals for one month.




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