What (Really) Happens to a Dream Deferred?

It gets you sacked, that’s what.

Well, no, not really. It’s been a while since I’ve written, and a lot has changed, let me tell you. The biggest changes have been mostly good:

I was a vendor at the Beyond the Masquerade conference in Brunswick, GA in February 2016. There I debuted a prayer journal I developed based on The Lord’s Prayer recorded in Matt. 6. I was also a vendor at the National Ladies Lectureship in Birmingham, AL in April 2016. I finally published my second non-fiction book, The Season for Getting Serious, in July 2016, and sold it for the first time at my church’s ladies day, where I was a speaker. I was a vendor at a ladies day in Cocoa in August and at the National Christian Singles’ Seminar this past Labor Day weekend. I am in the midst of writing my first study and have started organizing book coaching, editing, and publishing packages to help other aspiring authors on their road to publication.

I created my first covers for The Season for Getting Serious and the Prayer Journal, took classes on formatting manuscripts, and have worked to sharpen my book marketing skills. I started an online store and sold a few books through it. Things are creatively looking up.

But it hasn’t all been peaches and cream. I lost my job in July. It’s always been funny to me that we say we lost a job, as if it’s been somehow misplaced, when what’s really happened is we’ve been terminated. As I was being shown the door by a regretful and sorry to see me go co-worker, she said that now I would go off and be a famous writer. I’m glad one of us saw this as an opportunity for me to go after a long held dream. I saw it as an opportunity to get acquainted with soup kitchens and finding interesting places to park my car/new home.

Thanks to a little foresight, a successful ladies day sale, and the fortitude to list out exactly what was needed, I have bought myself a pretty comfortable glide to the end of this year in which to find new employment and see if I can’t just make a go of this writing thing.

I’ve made great progress on my selling technique and managed to sell out at my last event. The future still remains to be seen, but I’ve a firm grasp on the general gist of it. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m hoping that I can make a happier life for myself than I’ve had career wise in quite some time.

As this will be my home base for my future writing and freelance editing/publishing endeavors, I will be around more and updating much more frequently. More later.




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