Learning Curve Balls

I’m learning a lot on this self-publication journey–things that I didn’t think about before I was close enough to start commissioning covers and soliciting beta readers. I’ve been so focused on the writing side of this process that I hadn’t given much thought to the business side beyond a few thoughts as to marketing. But there’s so many things to think about that my head is spinning with all the things I need to figure out before I can release this book into the wild. I could really use the help and advice of anyone out there with a bit more knowledge about these areas:

  • Publisher: I never wanted the listed publisher on my book to be Createspace. I’ve come up with a couple ideas of what I wanted my press to be named and feel like they’d work well. I thought I could just pay a few bucks for an ISBN and type in the name I came up with and be done with it, but a search through the internet’s self-publishing information suggests that I would need to register as a company and open a business account if I intend to do more than give them to friends or sell them at trade fairs. Is this advice outdated? 
  • Trademarks: I’ve thought a long time about trademarking the logo the fabulous Jada Prather designed for my website and using it as the symbol for my press. I want to put it on a few items for purchase (which I guess also points to me needing a registered business) and protect it from being used by other people. I’ve had some of my writing stolen before and so I want to ensure my ownership is established. However, trademarking can cost a lot of money and it takes time. Should I get the logo trademarked before the book comes out? 
  • Uncle Sam: Okay, so I’ve always known I’d have to actually go to a person to have my taxes done once I started to generate an income from my writing. I’m not sure if that will happen this year or not. But if I register as a business, how will that change my tax season? What expenses would I be able to claim and what expenses couldn’t I claim? About how much should I be putting aside to pay taxes with? If I buy my books from Createspace at the author price and sell them myself, do I deduct what I paid for them from what I report? Gah! I hate thinking about taxes on money I’m not even making yet.

These are the things that are plaguing me these days (mostly since yesterday). In the meantime, I’m working on back cover copy to send to my cover designer, finalizing my page count, struggling to write my acknowledgments and dedication, refreshing my email like crazy for the rough draft of my cover and any word from my beta readers, my accountant friend, and my self-published friends, and cleaning things in my apartment when I want to avoid doing all of the above. Well, off to throw some dishes in the dishwasher. *smile*

How is writing going for you all? Any advice for a newbie self-publisher?