Maydays, Mayhem, and Maybes


You guys! Is it really May?

April and May are two of my favorite months of the year because I love Spring. I like the idea that things that have been lying dormant all winter, seemingly dead, start to bud and blossom and come back to life. Renewal and hope, new beginnings and fresh starts, are everywhere.

The connection is especially potent for me this year. A story I thought was long dead has started to bud, as have many other areas of my life which flatlined during the long winter months. I haven’t done a goals post in a while, but now seems like the perfect time to do so. I need to set some goals for my writing again and work hard toward achieving them.

The first week of May, I spent some time exploring a few options for writing goals, and now I’m ready to commit them to writing. Here are my May 2017 writing goals:

  • Revise Always the Last to Know. I spent last week working on revisions to the first two chapters of this story and figuring out revisions to a few more chapters. I’m coming up with ways to make the writing stronger and work in some of the changes the Love Inspired editor suggested. I’m spending my days off and mornings working on this and enjoying the fruit of this labor.
  • Find the perfect beta reader/critique buddy for ATLTK. I need to find the right beta reader/critique partner for this project–someone who loves the premise and the characters but is able to offer constructive criticism of my execution, especially with regard to the Love Inspired line. I have a couple people who have offered advice and help, but no beta reader lined up.
  • Read GMC: Goal, Motivation, Conflict by Debra Dixon. This book has been suggested and recommended by countless authors I admire. I know I need a lot of help with internal and external conflict in my stories, and I think this book will help me better understand these areas.
  • Make a decision on finding an agent. I’ve wrestled with whether or not to submit to an agent for a while now. I’ve only tried to catch an agent’s eye a couple times through #pitmad and a blind cupid contest. I know an agent will open me up to more submission opportunities (especially in the Christian market) and I can benefit from their expertise, but I’m not sure if an agent is for me. I plan to do more research and make a firm decision whether or not to submit this project to an agent for representation.

I’m not rushing through these revisions. I’m letting the story and characters lead me this go round. I’m not paying too much attention to the suggested revisions right now. I’m fixing what I see isn’t working, with some of the revision suggestions in mind. Since I had to cut over a third of the book, I’m focused on getting a workable draft before I look to fine tuning. I’m giving myself the same deadline I had to submit for Blurb to Book. By July 15, 2017, I will hit the submit button on revisions to Always the Last to Know. I believe this is a scary but attainable goal. This gives me two months and one week to craft a story I love. It will also stand me in good stead to hear back on my submission this year. I’ll also have plenty of time to start the next book in the series and put together a proposal for the series while I wait.

What writing goals are you working on this month?

Tentatively dipping a toe back in fiction waters



Writing From the Brink

Before we get into the meat of this post, a swift recap on my April goals:

  • Get (more) feedback on Delivering Justice. Nothing yet, but I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Tomorrow marks three weeks since I sent in the manuscript, and as this wasn’t a fast track contest submission, I’m settling in for a longer wait. I’ll diary ahead to check on this once the normal window is up, fourth of July weekend (which seems SO FAR AWAY).
  • Finish judging my contest entries for Touch of Magic. I judged them, but have to make a few tweaks to formatting and labeling and send them back in tonight.
  • Finish rough draft of Love Thy Enemy. I’m over 15k words in and finally able to devote some real time to this manuscript. I lost my way with it for a while, but now I think I’m finding my groove again.
  • Continue Mr. Last Name Basis. Still haven’t done this actively yet. I did, however, come up with an idea for a better beginning than the one I currently have.
  • Create a page for my WIPs for the site. Doing this right after I finish this post.

The past couple of weeks I have been completely off my writing routine. I got a new bed that inspired me to sleep in instead of dragging myself to my writing corner. I’d be more motivated to go to said writing corner to work if I had a desk and office chair where I could work, or at the very least a comfortable papas an chair, but I don’t. So getting myself to write has been a bit of a struggle. But Quentin and Annabeth, my hero and heroine from #LoveThyEnemy, have been giving me insights into their characters lately that have spurred me on, so I’ve been diligently working my way through parts of their story.

Another thing that got me back into writing was getting the victim disposition from the prosecutor in the case of the drunk driver who hit me. He was sentenced on a lesser charge and received probation. There doesn’t appear to be any prohibitions or restrictions on his driving, however. I could feel a bit of helplessness creep in. I may be driving down the road with this guy again. In another year, he will be completely free of any ramifications of his actions if he doesn’t violate probation, and a year after the accident I still can’t drive without being nervous. It’s a hard pill to swallow.

I’m working out my own issues with #LoveThyEnemy. This story hinges on Annabeth not only forgiving Quentin of what he’s done to her family, but learning to love him in spite of what he’s done in the past for the man he is now. Writing from Annabeth’s perspective brings up a bad memory or two, but stepping back and examining it artistically helps me to put it into perspective. Writing from Quentin’s perspective is helping me to understand that even when we are responsible for causing so much pain to others, it’s not necessarily because we are bad people. All of us are in need of grace and should be given grace if we ask for it. The way that Annabeth clings to the wrong that Quentin has done to her has stopped her from moving forward, not him. Quentin has had to fight guilt and shame every step of the way, but he’s in a much better place when the book starts than she is. Hopefully I’ll be in a much better place when I type “The end.”

How is your life informing your writing and vice-versa?



Have I Got a Story for You!

Note: I was supposed to publish this when I wrote it, April 1st. Please don’t ask what rabbit hole I fell into for the last month. I’m clawing my way out now. I’ll post a *new* post right after this one to make up for your lack of ME in your inbox lately.

Who else is wondering where the first quarter of this year has gone? I can’t believe today is the first day of the fourth month of 2014 already and that I’m writing my fourth monthly goals post.

March was a really hard month for this writer, filled with ups and downs. I received my first rejection on a full length manuscript on Delivering Justice, but received another request for it through #pitmad (pitch madness). Apparently, I have no trouble whatsoever pitching Delivering Justice (this is the third request for it and my second full submission). Let’s hope this time it sells. I hit a wall with Mr. Last Name Basis since DJ’s rejection, but I’m still in love with the elements of the story I have so far. Hitting a wall on MLNB didn’t stop me from getting a good start on Mr. Why So Serious, the third in the Delivering Justice series, Luka’s story. I also got a great start on Love Thy Enemy, a Christian romance focusing on forgiveness and guilt that really resonates with me. I didn’t finish a craft book, but I started wading my way through two and have another to start. I hit most of my goals for the month, but unlike previous months, I didn’t meet them all.

So what’s on my agenda for April?

  • Get (more) feedback on Delivering Justice. I’m hoping for a sell or an R&R but if it’s another rejection, I want to have a definite plan with it moving forward.
  • Finish judging my contest entries for Touch of Magic, the contest my local RWA chapter, Central Florida Romance Writers’, puts on.
  • Finish rough draft of Love Thy Enemy. If I don’t get a sale to Harlequin pre-SYTYCW 2014, this will be my entry into the contest. I’m hoping to at least make the top 50 this year if I’m eligible. Finishing this story this month and putting it aside until about June will give me plenty of time to craft it like I want it by the contest.
  • Continue Mr. Last Name Basis. I think I was on to something with that one. It’s time to press past the dejection of DJ’s rejection and get back to those beloved characters.
  • Create a page for my WIPs for the site. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, as well as get some widgets that show my progress on WIPs for a while. If anyone knows how to do this, please let me know.

I think that’s more than enough goals for one month.



The Best to Get Over a Rejection…

…is to get under a new WIP.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a writing post up here. You might think that this is because I am wallowing in rejection, but you would be wrong. I am not wallowing. I don’t have time to wallow. Aside from the reviews I post here (mainly from Entangled Publishing because they give me books), I also review for Harlequin Junkie. This month I am also reviewing entries for my chapter’s writing contest, Touch of Magic. My critique partners have been through edits and revisions with their contracted books and are starting to send chapters from their latest WIPs. I’m buried under reading, people. Buried, I tell you.

But despite all of that, and the crushing disappointment of not selling Delivering Justice on the first try, I am writing. I put #MrLastNameBasis on hold for a while after the rejection and said I would focus on reading through some old words, but what I ended up doing was writing some new ones.

Remember my goals for the month of March? I’ve been making a lot of progress on them:

  •  start getting the Enemies book written.  You won’t believe this, but I have 7,714 words typed for this book, plus however many are in my notebook that I got down at lunch today. I polished up the first chapter and gave it to my beta reader and my critique partners and they are intrigued and hungry for more. Quentin is my favorite hero yet (but every time I work on a book, that hero becomes my favorite).
  • finish most of #MrLastNameBasis. Not a word since DJ was rejected.
  • get feedback from Delivering Justice submission. Got great feedback that you can read about here, but was ultimately given an “R.”
  • work on marriage kit book and get it ready for publication. I’ve been playing with some ideas, but nothing concrete yet.
  • further develop my writing routine. Umm…no comment. Haven’t done a smidge of work on this. Need to protect my writing time better.
  • Start and finish at least one writing craft book. I started Leigh Michaels’ On Writing Romance, and so far, so good.
  • Get all of my March reviews done. Ha! But I am actually on track with this. Only 2 more books to go, and three April books so far for HJ. I have to post a review here as well. Then I’m done.
  • Work on one super secret project. Done and done.
  • Get materials ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. Umm…this depends on what project I decide to do during NaNoWriMo I have an inkling what I want to do, and I’m ready to meet my goals with it.
  • Finishing outlining and start Luka’s story before Beta Reader kills me. I started writing Luka’s story–well, saying it. I dusted off my digital recorder and have been rattling off a few scenes while I drive to and from work and working to transcribe them into something that makes sense later.

So you see, I’ve been a busy bee, getting words down on three WIPs, reviewing my face in, and setting Delivering Justice aside while I figure out my next steps with it. I’m not giving up on my dream of publication. I’m not wallowing. I’m chugging along. I’m learning. I’m growing. I’m getting ready to get out there again.



February 2014’s Progress on Publishing World Domination

This is going to be quick and dirty because I have to get ready for work. February was no less great than January for achieving some writing goals. In February:

  • I went to my second Central Florida Romance Writers meeting, where we studied pacing and emotion.
  • On my way to said meeting, I had an epiphany about a story in the Christian series I’m planning, and throughout the month, I wrote character profiles for the main characters and an outline of the book, along with doing a bit of research. This shall be known as the Enemies story.
  • I joined Romance Writers of American and Central Florida Romance Writers. Yay! I’m a card carrying member–or I would be if I had a card. I do, however, have a member number. 😉
  • I entered Cupid’s Lit Connection’s Blind Speed Dating competition to try and get the attention of an agent but wasn’t chosen. I was disappointed, but I was OK with getting the news because the same day…
  • I entered the Second Chance Carina pitch and got a request from an editor! I sent my manuscript for Delivering Justice in on February 14th, Valentine’s day. I should receive feedback of some sort by March 21st. I basked in the achievement of getting a query letter, synopsis, and manuscript submitted for a couple days before I began obsessively checking my email.
  • The sequel to Delivering Justice, known on social media by the hashtag #MrLastNameBasis, started to come together when I added a pint sized motivator to the mix who broke my emotionally distant hero wide open. I love this little boy in this story and the dimension he adds to the suspense. I’m trying to figure out where this story is going while I outline the others in the series in case I get a bite on Delivering Justice and someone is interested in the other three books.

I crossed off two major  writing goals–I submitted to an editor and I joined RWA and CFRW. Not only did I submit to an editor, I submitted a requested manuscript, not to the slush pile. It’s a fast track entry with a quicker than usual turnaround. So why do I feel as if February was a slow writing month for me? Probably because I didn’t get as many words on the page as I would like. I didn’t post as many reviews as I meant to post. I’m a little behind on reading my craft books and such.

But what I’m trying to embrace is that all forward movement is important, that what I’ve accomplished this month is huge. True, I spent a lot of time doing revisions, writing and revising a query letter and synopsis, and not getting new words on the page. But doing those things are what got my submission out the door.

March is about moving forward even more. What are the goals for March?

  • start getting the Enemies book written.
  • finish most of #MrLastNameBasis.
  • get feedback from Delivering Justice submission.
  • work on marriage kit book and get it ready for publication.
  • further develop my writing routine.
  • Start and finish at least one writing craft book.
  • Get all of my March reviews done.
  • Work on one super secret project.
  • Get materials ready for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.
  • Finishing outlining and start Luka’s story before Beta Reader kills me.

How was your February? What are some of your goals for March? Be on the lookout for more reviews and a few special writing posts coming this month. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss any.



Freestyle Friday: Project Publishing World Domination, Month 1

Hey, everyone! I had intended to use this morning’s post to write about the Love Inspired Reader luncheon I attended yesterday, and while I touch on it liberally, I wanted to contemplate what I’ve accomplished thus far in 2014 and set some goals for February. In other words, DANGEROUSLY LONG POST AHEAD! Here are the moves I made towards Project Publishing World Domination (henceforth known as 2PWD):

I’ve actually accomplished quite a bit:

  •  I bought the domain for this site, I’m so excited about this! I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. Right now, this serves as my author site until I can get something else going.
  • I received books to review and booked blog tour stops to add to my Copywrite1985 offerings. I’ve received and began reviewing several Entangled Publishing Offerings, and have started the process of acquiring some Harlequin Heartwarming titles for review, among others. I hope you all are enjoying seeing what I’m reading, and hope you find a title or two to add to your TBR pile. Don’t worry; they won’t all be romance (at least, I don’t think so)–I have some non-fiction in the works as well.
  • I attended the Love Inspired Readers’ Luncheon. Oh, readers! This was amazing! The lovely Debby Guisti (pronounced, I learned, Juice-Tea) of Seekerville and Love Inspired Suspense fame gifted me a ticket to this event and proved herself to be a warm, wonderful woman filled with love.
The lovely Debby Guisti signing copies of her March Love Inspired Suspense release, The Agent's Secret Past.

The lovely Debby Guisti signing copies of her March Love Inspired Suspense release, The Agent’s Secret Past.

All of the authors were sweet women, and I enjoyed getting to mix and mingle with so many authors (nine in total). I also got to meet the Senior Editor for the Love Inspired line, Melissa Endlich

Ms. Endlich giving the opening remarks

Ms. Endlich giving the opening remarks

and Publisher’s Weekly’s Barbara Vey. Hopefully one day soon Melissa Endlich will be approving a cover for one of my books, and Ms. Vey will feature my work on her Publisher’s Weekly blog, Beyond Her Book.

The quote of the day belongs to Marta Perry. When the authors were asked how they write the male perspective during the Q&A, they all said men were easy to write. “The men we write are idealized,” Ms. Perry commented. “If we wrote them as they are, there’d be no dialogue.” The lone male in the room, operating the audio visual equipment, grunted in dissension. “See,” Linda Goodnight pointed out, “there wasn’t any dialogue in that.”

The Q & A Panel--Marta Perry, Linda Goodnight (coolest name ever, BTW) Missy Tippens, and Debby Guisti

The Q & A Panel–Marta Perry, Linda Goodnight (coolest name ever, BTW) Missy Tippens, and Debby Guisti

Fun times. Here are the authors signing my books:

  • I entered a contest to attract the attention of agents. The contest is the Blind Speed Date Contest that Cupid’s Lit Connection puts on. The purpose of the site is to connect writers and agents in literary love matches (what a fun concept!). The bouncers for the contest choose 40 entries to be posted to the sight and agents (using Honorary Cupid names) shoot arrows at entries when they would like to see a partial or a full of the manuscript from. I won’t know if I made it past the bouncers until the 12th, and there’s a week of voting before the winners and the agents are revealed. So prayers and the like are appreciated.
  • I attended my first RWA meeting. The short version: learned quite a bit and can’t wait to go again.
  • I bought a subscription to Writer’s Digest. I had one before, but I decided to start it up again (after about 10 years) now that I am actively pursuing publication. I have the first issue on my kindle which, fittingly, spotlights publishing.
  • I bought On Writing Romance by Leigh Michaels (a favorite romance writer of mine). There are a ton of books out there on writing and quite a few on writing romance, but I have read and loved Leigh’s books over the years. I trust her writing ability and ability to sell to Harlequin, so I want to read how she crafts her books, synopses and queries. Hopefully it’s a good tool.
  • I started the follow up to my NaNoWrimo book. The follow up to Delivering Justice, thus far, is known on the internet as Mr. Last Name Basis. I came up with this name because the character goes by his last name more than his first name and wasn’t letting me get close to him. He’s opening up a bit now, but I like the moniker. I have a title, but not sharing. I hope you will love this prickly character and his spunky heroine. I’ll share more when the book develops more.
  •  I identified the necessary revisions I have left to NaNoWriMo book. In order for me to make it the best story possible, I know I have to expand two key scenes and add two scenes, as well as add in a detail here and there. The chapter swaps with my critique partners has gone well. Both of my critique partners were offered publishing contracts this month!! I’m among a group of talented women.
  •  Outlined two different series I plan to write.  One series begins with Delivering Justice, and has three other books. The other is an eight book series.
  • Generally kicked butt.

When I see it all written out like that, it’s a wonder I’m still kicking! Not as much writing as I would like this month, but moving the dream forward.

So what’s on the agenda for the month of February (the awesome month that includes both a day all for love & my birthday)?

My second RWA meeting. I am going to use some extra funds this month to officially join RWA and my local chapter. I’m so excited about this step!

I get the results of the Blind Speed Date Contest I entered at Cupids Lit Connection–good, bad or indifferent–mid-month. If speed dating doesn’t work out, I’ll be submitting Delivering Justice directly to publishers. On my list of possible submissions: Harlequin, Lyrical Press, Entangled Publishing and Avon Books for sure.

I have nearly a week off for my birthday–during which time I hope to get a huge chunk of book two of my series written, continue planning publishing world domination, and relax my face off. I also want to get in there and finish my Love Inspired So You Think You Can Write entry revisions.

As you can see, I don’t have as many things planned for February. I like to think I’m leaving room for this short but special month to surprise me in the most positive, life changing ways.

How did you do on your writing goals for the month of January?

Year of the Writer 2013; Year of the Published Author, 2014?

2013 was a great year for my writing. It was in is year that I got more serious about my craft. In the first part of the year, I worked diligently on the marriage kit book, and in the fall, I began getting back into fiction. I entered Harlequin’s writing contest, So You Think You Can Write, joined the Harlequin online writing community, successfully completed NaNoWriMo for the first time, found critique partners and began exchanging chapters and just wrote like crazy.

I wanted to start 2014 off building a writing network closer to home. I went to my first meeting of the Central Florida Romance Writers, an affiliate of Romance Writers of America. I learned so much from this meeting! It was good to sit in a room full of writers, people who “get” the drive to write. I think joining RWA and the local chapter will be a big step in my journey to getting my romantic fiction published. I’m glad I didn’t let the setbacks and foibles of the day to cause me to miss the meeting.

I’m still pursuing self-publication for the relationship book that I’ve calling the marriage kit book here. I think that self-publishing is the way to go with this one because I don’t want the content to be watered down, toned down, or elementally changed by an editor, nor do I want to wait another 12-18 months for it to be available (even though if I keep adding sections and chapters, it may take that long anyway!). I feel much more comfortable choosing the people involved in each step of the publication process with this book.

I haven’t thought much about Some College but there’s a contest coming up that I may want to get started on it to enter. Right now, I’m enjoying revisions with my critique partners and trying to get some new words written each day. My writing new year’s resolutions are as follows:

  • Join RWA & the local chapter
  • Submit, submit, submit–get my work out there as often as possible.
  • enter more contests and pitches.
  • get my hands on more writing craft books and magazines.
  • Write first draft of Always the Girlfriend.
  • Finish Pleasure’s Payne (Read the first chapter here).
  • Finish revisions to Delivering Justice and submit.
  • Outline and write synopses for the three follow ups to Delivering Justice (Series tentatively titled The Bartolucci Brides).
  • Outline and write synopses for the seven (o_O!!!) other books in the “Always” series.
  • Start a proposal for Some College memoir.
  • Start the other short stories for the Love Addicts Anonymous short story collection.
  • Not die or become a hermit.

I have a lot of work to do in 2014 if I want to have contracts in my hot little hands before I’m ringing in yet another year. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress.



Year of the Writer

Fall 2006- Fall 2007 was supposed to be the year of the writer for me, but I think it’s safe to say that seven years later has shaped into that year for me. I have managed to make a lot of progress on my goal of being a writer. I entered a contest, finished a first draft, have started revisions on the first draft, almost finished a non-fiction book, thought up two series that I think will be wonderful, and have generally kicked butt in the writing arena. I have a few more goals for my writing life to achieve, but I’m making great progress.

I don’t have time right this moment to take an exhaustive look at my year in writing, but I can’t wait for the opportunity to do so shortly. How has your year turned out, writing-wise? Anyone publishing for the first time, received the call, or just gotten serious about writing this year?

If I Could Offer One Critique…


Whenever something is that weird mixture of exciting yet scary, you’ll hear me (or, rather, read me) going GAH! So what’s going on that’s exciting/scary at the moment? I am putting a couple chapters of my baby, Delivering Justice, out there for feedback. GAH!

I’ve polished the first chapter to a spit free shine, and now I’m working on the second chapter. I sent the first chapter to a woman who is in a writing group that I’m a part of on Facebook. She also participated in So You Think You Can Write, and her entry received an R&R (revise and resubmit letter), which means Harlequin is interested in her work. We are swapping first chapters. I just pressed send on my chapter.

Within the larger writing group of So You Think You Can Write participants, we were broken into smaller critique groups. The leader of my critique group of three just sent out an email that we will be swapping about two chapters a week starting today. GAH!

This is usually the part where I crack up, if I haven’t already. Writing is hard enough. Revision drives me up a wall. Having someone read my work always knots my stomach. But having someone critique my writing? GAH!!

I know that this is an important step in my journey for two reasons:

1) sharing my work with someone always makes it better. When I took my words to my coworker each day, it made me aware of the quality of what I was writing. This wasn’t just a book for me to write and put in a drawer; it was a guarantee that someone would read it, so it needed to be good. Aside from this, every time I have had a writing workshop class with critique, the revision of the assignment has been so much better than the original. No matter how well I write, I can’t see my every weakness and fill in all the holes.

2) It forces me to slow down and do this write. If you’ve been reading for a while, you know my first inclination is to hit send as soon as possible. I just want to get it out of my hands and have my part over with. But you only get one chance to make a first impression. I want the editor’s first impression of my work to be amazing. Amazing takes some time. It means not pantsing and leaving time for revisions. It means actually doing revisions. It means seeking other’s opinions on how to make the writing stronger and getting comfortable with feedback. GAH!

So I am having a very difficult time deciding if I’m more excited or scared by having pressed send once and having to do so again before this day is over. Is the story  the best I can make it? Should I have waited? Are these the right people to critique my writing? Is this a step closer to publication? I can’t allow myself to obsess over all of the anxiety involved in this. I must celebrate the victory I’ve just achieved–I sent a chapter of my story out for someone’s opinion on it! Not on the spur of the moment and without revision like with SYTYCW, but something I had the opportunity to polish. That’s something I can be proud of, no matter what happens next.

Do you have a critique partner/group? How do you handle feedback on your writing?

The Writing Show Must Go On…

Sorry for missing my usual Wednesday morning post, but I was out sick from work this week and couldn’t stand staring at the computer typing my life away.

So now that the madness of NaNoWriMo has been over for a week (ten days for me), what do I focus on, writing-wise? How do I move forward from a great accomplishment instead of getting stuck right here and not seeing it through? I’ll tell you how–I keep on writing.

I’ve flirted a little bit with the marriage kit book (which is almost finished), reading through a large portion of it and researching some of the holes I still need to fill. I found all the material I had written for Some College, my memoir about the year I spent in between my junior and senior year of college, and I contacted a good high school friend for his help with an area of the book that involves some things from our high school days. Going back to my high school reunion really opened that door wide for me. I’ve even started writing out some “treatments” for “scenes” in the other story I outlined before NaNoWriMo, and began trying to develop an outline for my next book in the series that this year’s NaNoWriMo book starts.

What I’ve managed to do is to stay far away from my NaNoWriMo manuscript, Delivering Justice. I’ve given myself ten days away from it, and I am chomping at the bit to start revising it. I said I wouldn’t look at it again until the 10th, but I think it’s time to get back into it. I know a few of the issues that I’ll need to address from the beginning–passive voice, weak verbs, an adverb explosion–and I’m sure I’ll discover a plethora of other problems that I’ll need to tackle, but I’m ready to dive back into it.

I spent some time on the boards for Harlequin and discovered that Delivering Justice should  be targeted toward the Intrigue line and not the Romantic Suspense line, at least from what I’ve read and been told. I’m glad, not only because the word count is lower, meaning I don’t have to find a subplot or fluff my story out of recognition, but because it means I don’t have to tone down the suspense and play up the romance as much as I initially thought. My story doesn’t have to be contorted into something unrecognizable to fit the mold, and that makes me feel even more certain that this story is exactly what it should be.

I never heard anything back from my So You Think You Can Write entry, but I’ve reworked the beginning and I think I’ve written some really good material since the opening chapter. I’m not sure exactly where the story will fit, but I would love to finish it sometime next year.

I’ve thought of at least three other books in the series DJ starts, with two possibles. Once I have eyeballs back on the story, I’ll get an excerpt up for some critique.

How’s everyone else’s writing coming along? Anyone close to submitting/publishing? Anyone revising?